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Claim $250 in Free Traffic!

From the desk of: Martin Ledley

Text Ads 4 Profits is a One Level All-In-One Advertising Site.

I have combined the best of all advertising scripts, and put them all under one roof.... Once you sign up and get inside you'll find a whole host of advertising options at your fingertips!

You can view Solo Ads, Text Ads, Banner Ads, Login Ads, Premium Ads, Block Ads, Ads Plus Ads, Featured Ads, Header Ads, Headline Ads, Fullpage Ads, and more...

A big difference between TA4P and other traditional mailers is that you don't earn credits for viewing emails. Instead you get so many 'views' every month, based on what upgrade level you are.

Everyone Who Joins Text Ads 4 Profits As a Paid Member Will Get Up To 4 (Yes FOUR) Free Site Upgrades From a Choice Of At Least 10 Different Sites

What Else Do You Need To Know About
Text Ads 4 Profits Before You Join..?

Q. Do Free Members Earn Commission?
A. Yes... At Text Ads 4 Profits Everyone Can Earn Commission! It's Always Advisable To UpgradeThough, Because That's Where The Really BIG Benefits Come Into Play.

Q. What Makes Text Ads 4 Profits So Special?
A. Text Ads 4 Profits Combines The Latest And Greatest Elements Of Text Ad Exchanges, Safelists, Traffic Exchanges Plus Lots Of Advertising Options All In One Place!

Q. Who Actually Sees The Advertising I Send?
A. Only Fellow Members Of The Site Will See Your Ads, Mostly In-Site, Except Solo Mails That Go Out Externally. Free Members Have The 'System Mailer' That Only Come With a Certain Number Of Views. Upgraded Members Get To Send To The Entire Membership Of TA4P Plus 3 Other Sites Right After Joining. Everyone Also Gets a 'Line Mailer' That Is Seen By Everyone Who Joins After You, So It's Better To Get In Early.

Q. What Advertising Options Are Included In The Site?
A. At Text Ads 4 Profits You CanView Solo Ads, Text Ads, Banner Ads, Login Ads, Premium Ads, Block Ads, Ads Plus Ads, Featured Ads Plus Ads, Header Ads, Headline Ads, Fullpage Ads, and more!

Q. What Else Does Text Ads 4 Profits Offer?
A. Text Ads 4 Profits Also Has The Viral Ads Feature. You Earn Commission On Your Referrals By Using Our Viral Ads System, Where You Advertise Your Other Affiliate Links And Opportunities, At The Same Time As Advertising Text Ads 4 Profits. You Can See An Example Of Our Viral Ads System By Looking At The Bar Across The Bottom Of This Window.

There Is More To Be Discovered At Text Ads 4 Profits, Take Your Time And Explore The Site, And All The Advertising Options At Your Disposal!

That Being Said, Isn't It About Time That You Got Signed Up?

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Thanks For Your Interest In Text Ads 4 Profits

To Your Success,

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Martin Ledley

P.S. Act fast because we DO know how much longer we can give away the $250 worth of advertising. ONLY the next 1000 members to claim will receive this bonus. After 1000 have been redeemed it will be reduced.

Note: At TA4P we have a strict policy concerning bouncing emails and regularly delete members whose emails are returned to our email server as non-deliverable. To that end the number of members may fluctuate up and down, but it does mean that your emails are going out to people who can receive them (we don't have a large number of undeliverable addresses in the database like most sites).

Note: This is NOT a multi-level-marketing site (MLM), matrix, pyramid or ponzi scheme, get-rich-quick scam or anything resembling that kind of site. This is a ONE-TIER commission-based advertising and information site only. This is NOT a PTC site, you cannot earn money by reading ads and emails. We do not guarantee you will make any money with TA4P, because as with anything marketing related it is entirely down to how much time and effort you are willing to put into it that determines how much you get out of it. There is NO SUCH THING as a get-rich-quick scheme.

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